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This website supplimements the Princeton University Press book Habitats of the World: A field guide for birders, naturalists, and ecologists.

It is meant to be used in conjunction with the original text with more photo galleries, extra text, detailed species lists for some habitats and some ecoregion  and topics relating to biogeography and ecology.

For users who do not want to purchase the original text, we have given you abridged versions of the book by fading some text on most of the sample pages from the book, though still presenting all climate data, photos and silouhettes. This should be enough for the very casual reader, but the full text is so much more fulfilling....Buy the book. 

Please note that the original authors and those of us keeping this site up want it to be a communal effort, so if you have photos of interesting sub-habitats or ecotones, please send them to us to make this site more useful.


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