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Biome Overview:

Forests made up of coniferous trees (which generally don’t seasonally lose their leaves, with the exception of larches and few others). The majority of habitats within this biome are from temperate areas with cold winters, though there are some tropical coniferous forests. Coniferous forests can be both fire prone and fire susceptible.

World Biome Coniferous forests.jpg


Taiga (Boreal Forest): Spruce and fir forests of the far north.

Example: Eurasian Spruce-Fir Taiga

Temperate Conifer Forest: Humid forests (usually) in temperate areas, including mountains.

Example: Nearctic Temperate Rainforest

Dry Conifer Forest: Forests and woodlands in dry temperate and tropical areas.

Example: Nearctic Montane Mixed-Conifer Forest

nearctic spruce fir-01.jpg
Innsbruck, Austria_Mesa de trabajo 1.jpg
Conifer forest Austria P1010020.JPG
habitat triangles coniferous forests.jpg

Coloured areas denote environment where this biome can exist

Typical Fauna in this Biome
Typical Biome Habitats
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