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Biome Overview:

MEDITERRANEAN FORESTS, WOODLANDS, AND SHRUBLANDS: Thick scrub in areas with climates with cold, wet winters and dry, hot summers. 

World Biomes maps Mediterannean.jpg



 Maquis, Chaparral, and Matorral: Low shrubland that can be either closed or open. Dominated  by fire and grazing. Plants are often similar to those of nearby forests. 

 Example: Palearctic Maquis

 Mediterranean Heathland: Low heathlands with nearly 100% ground cover of sclerophyllous  bushes and forbs. Fire-dependent.

 Example: Afrotropical Fynbos

afrotropical fynbos-01.jpg
Cadiz, Spain_Mesa de trabajo 1.jpg
Lowland Heathland Royal NP NSW Australia Sam Woods.jpg
habitat triangles Meditereanean.jpg

WHAT DO THE TRIANGLES SHOW? 1) In the tropics, the environment where heaths can grow tend to be dominated by grasslands or savanna. 2) In fire dominated environments of the temperate regions, this biome dominates.

Latitudes and Precipitation Where this Biome Exists

Latitud -Precipitation Mediterannean.jpg

WHAT DOES THE DIAGRAM ABOVE SHOW? 1) Habitats of this biome can exist in regions dominated by Steppe and sclerophyllous Temperate Evergreen Woodland

Typical Fauna in this Biome
Typical Biome Habitats
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