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Biome Overview:

SALT-DOMINATED HABITATS: Habitats where the dominant force is the presence of high levels of salt in the water or soil. 


 Salt Pan: Areas in which evaporation or volcanic activity have produced extremely high salt  concentrations in the soil. Mostly unvegetated, though algae grows quickly when floods occur. 

 Example: Afrotropical Salt Pan

 Mangrove: A specialized forest that grows in tidally flooded coastal areas. 

 Example: Australasian Mangrove

 Salt Marsh: Salt-tolerant marsh vegetation that grows in sheltered coastal areas that are  

periodically flooded with seawater. 

 Example: Nearctic Salt Marsh

 Tidal Mudflat: Nutrient-rich areas of mud that are frequently flooded with seawater, usually  

in estuaries. 

 Example: Nearctic Tidal Mudflat

 Rocky Coastline and Sandy Beach: Nutrient-poor sandy and rocky beaches, cliffs, and other coastline types. 

 Example: Indo-Malayan Rocky Coastline and Sandy Beach

 Pelagic Waters: Marine environments with deep water. 

 Example: Australasian Pelagic Wate

Australasian mangroves-01.jpg
Mangrove boardwalk, cairns_edited.png
Typical Fauna in this Biome
Typical Biome Habitats
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