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Biome Overview:

SAVANNAS AND SEASONALLY MOIST SHRUBLANDS: Habitats with an open  canopy, lots of grass or shrubbery, and a strongly seasonal (usually wet-summer/dry-winter) climate. Most habitats in this category are heavily influenced by fire.

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 Open Broadleaf Woodland: Non-sclerophyllous woodlands that can have tall trees and open  canopy cover. Can have many deciduous trees. Fire-tolerant.

 Example: Afrotropical Guinea Savanna

 Thorn Savanna: Open (tall or short) woodlands with lots of grass cover. Trees are often dominated  by acacias (of various genera), many of them with spines.

 Example: Neotropical Chaco Seco and Espinal

 Broadleaf Sclerophyllous Savanna: Low shrublands or forests that can be thick. Tend to not  

have as much grass as other savannas. Plants have thick leathery leaves, thick bark. Fire-tolerant. 

 Example: Neotropical Cerrado

 Mixed Shrub Savanna: Thickets and low-canopy dry forest that has grass cover and a mix of  

coniferous, sclerophyllous, and broadleaf shrubs or trees. Fire-tolerant. 

 Example: Australasian Brigalow Woodland

Afrotropical Moist Mixed Savanna.jpg
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Latitudes and Precipitation Where this Biome Exists

Latitud -Precipitation Savanna.jpg
Typical Fauna in this Biome
Typical Biome Habitats
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