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Biome Overview:

TEMPERATE DECIDUOUS FORESTS: Forests that are either entirely broadleaf deciduous or are mixed with evergreen conifers. 

World Biomes maps Temerate broadleaf.jpg



 Temperate Deciduous Forest: Temperate broadleaf deciduous forests where most trees lose their leaves in winter.

 Example: Nearctic Temperate Deciduous Forest

 Temperate Moist Mixed Forest: Broadleaf forests of deciduous trees that also include evergreen broadleaf trees and/or conifers.

 Example: Palearctic European Moist Mixed Forest

Palearctic European moiste mixed forest-01.jpg
Chattanooga, Tennessee_Mesa de trabajo 1.jpg
Nearctic mixed forest Iain P1011190 copy.jpg
habitat triangles Temperate Dediduous.jpg

Latitudes and Precipitation Where this Biome Exists

Latitud -Precipitation Temperate forests.jpg
Typical Fauna in this Biome
Typical Biome Habitats
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