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Biome Overview:

DRY DECIDUOUS FORESTS: Warm forests that lose most of their leaves in dry periods.

World Biomes Dry Deciduous.jpg



 Closed Deciduous Forest: Closed-canopy, dry deciduous forests that in summer appear lush,  but many trees lose their leaves in winter. Fire-intolerant.

 Example: Indo-Malayan Moist Deciduous Forest

 Open Deciduous Forest: Open-canopy forests where canopy trees can lose leaves in the dry  season and the undergrowth consists of small-leaved shrubs, cacti, and/or euphorbias. Fire-intolerant.  Example: Neotropical Caatinga

Afrotropical Dry Desiduous Forest -01.jpg
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia_Mesa de trabajo 1.jpg
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Latitudes and Precipitation Where this Biome Exists

Latitud -Precipitation Dry Deciduous copy.jpg
Typical Fauna in this Biome
Typical Biome Habitats
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