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Biome Overview:

TUNDRAS: Very low vegetation dominated by mosses and many lichens. Found at  extreme latitudes or elevations, where temperatures, snow cover, or exposure to wind prohibit the growth of trees. 

Wortld Biome maps Tundra.jpg


Rocky Tundra: Usually free-draining tundra in polar regions. Often the soil cover is not complete

Example: Nearctic Rocky Tundra, Nome


Boggy Tundra: Drainage is impeded. Usually contains many very shallow ephemeral lakes caused by melting snow in summer.

Example: Nearctic Boggy Tundra, Barrow


Alpine Tundra: Usually free-draining tundra in high elevation region, above the treeline. Often the soil cover is not complete

Example: Paramo, Ecuador

Nearctic rocky tundra-01.jpg
Barrow, Alaska_Mesa de trabajo 1.jpg
Rocky tundra landscape _1010953_edited.jpg
habitat triangles Tundra.jpg

Latitudes and Precipitation Where this Biome Exists

Latitud -Precipitation Tundra.jpg
Typical Fauna in this Biome
Typical Biome Habitats
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